Ladies and Gentlemen of the OES community.

On OES Linux box...

uys-5:/media/nss/PUBLIC/HUMAN-R # rights show

Trustees and Inherited Rights Filter
File: /media/nss/PUBLIC/HUMAN-R
(1) .CN=Human Resources Team.OU=HUMAN-RESOURCES.O=UYS.T=UYS.
[read, write, create, erase, scan, modify]
(2) .CN=Everyone.OU=ADMIN-NET.O=UYS.T=UYS.

Inherited Rights Filter:
[supervisor, read, write, create, erase, access control, modify]

uys-5:/media/nss/PUBLIC/HUMAN-R #

On any Windows machine, all eDirectory users can see every directory
below HUMAN-R.

Could someone please explain the reason?

It is as if the File Scan right is not required to see directories. How
can I hide the directries?

Thanks for your help.