I'm having the hardest time getting YOU to update my SLES 9 SP1 box running
OES. I have been able to update the OES portion successfully using rug but
every time I invoke Yast Online Update and attempt to log in using my
novell credentials I get an error stating "Initialization failed. Try
again. If failure continues, choose another SuSE FTP/HTTP server." I have
searched for that error on novell's site but only found material relevant
to SLES 8. I'm guessing I'm missing something that allows the https
transfer to occur but I haven't been able to figure what it might be.

I'm not sure if updating the Suse portion of this server isn't possible
since its running OES, I may have something misconfigured, or I may need
something else installed.

Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated.