I have recently installed an OES-Linux server with an NSS Volume. This NSS
volume will hold the user accounts as well as some folders that will be
shared by all users. I would like to do the following:

- Create a folder (e.g.: \NSSVOL:\USERS\) that will hold the home
directories of the users.
- Give the users a quota of 250MB for their home directories.
- Create a folder (e.g.:\NSSVOL:\SHAREDF\) that will be shared by all
users. Users can put as many files as they want in this shared folder
(:\SHAREDF) but this folder will have a limit of 3GB.

Is it possible to achieve the above under the same volume?? or do I have to
create new volumes for each volume that will have a quota of some sort.
That is,

etc, etc...

and then apply the quotas to each volume. (In my opinion, this approach
seems to be too tedious)

If it is possible to do it in the same volume, I want to make sure that the
files that users save under the shared folder (:\SHAREDF\) will not be
counted as part of their home directories. How could this be achieved?? Is
this possible?

Any solution, guidance, or advice is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your help,