Jeff Johnson wrote:
> Thanks Justin for answering my question on the UP vs PIN mess. I have
> it straightented out now.
> I was thinking you could probably answer this question I cannot wrap
> around. I am trying to setup an OES installation server. Do I first
> setup an Installation server---and then configure an Autoyast profile
> for the new servers to install from as well?? Thanks!

Yes. An installation server is nothing more than a server that holds the
installation repository, it doesn't require any special software, and
can be served using NFS, HTTP, SMB, or FTP. I personally prefer NFS for
local installations and HTTP for my JWG Networks repositories. I believe
the YaST installation source tool will walk you through the process.
Once completed, you can choose to use that source on the bootup screen
of the installation CD, or as you said, write an autoyast profile to use it.

Justin Grote
Novell Support Connection Sysop
Network Architect
JWG Networks