I am trying to install SBS 6.5 (evaluation), and I'm having problems during the installation where NW Install script requires the Groupwise

6.5 SP4 CD and I don't have one!

I downloaded the ISO for NSB with SP3 (nsbs65ossp3.iso) and during the

installation I select Netware open enterprise server. Afterwards, I
select Novell Small Business Collaboration Server with Virtual Office.

The nwteare files copy OK, but the I am prompted to insert the CD
I downloaded from the SBS eval site the CD GW651A and tried to point
server install to this CD and it does not work.

So.... I copied the GW651A CD onto my hard disk, downloaded gw654e
the support site, and ran the SP4 setup to update the software
distribution directory on my hard disk. I then created a new CD named

GW654A and tried this one during the server install, but it still will

not accept it.

Any ideas???

I have also posted this to the SBS forum, but as it is an issue with
NW65SP3 overlay CD install script, I thought I'd try it here as