Hi all,

I have previously had this error but couldn't pin-point the cause
Now, I just had it again on a freshly installed OES server. I was
updates over YOU and did all other updates first, before updating thekernel with the new patches.

I kept getting an error in YAST: "error you:rpm failed".
After searching for the pathes on my local system (in
/var/lib/YaST2/you/mnt/i386/update/* BTW), I tried a manual install.

So I did "rpm -i <patch.rpm>" and got the error msg that rpm could not

write to /boot. D'oh! I had mounted the /boot parition as read-only,
improved security. Of course, you can't update the kernel then. :)

If you plan to do (automatic) YOU updates, make sure the /boot
partition is
mounted read-write (or default) so YAST can update kernel patches.

Hope this helps someone.