Sort of... This is a problem I first noticed in the Beta, and did not

worry about it... it's a Beta! But now, it is still here after
the server and re-installing from scratch with the Release OES for
Linux, including the downloaded OES SLES9 SP1 CD's (I went for the new

ones rather than use my existing SLES9 CD's.

NSS Volume created either via iManager or NSSMU (both have the same
problem) on a Linux OES Install. Everything looks normal, I get the Pool Object, the Volume Object, and they work, to a point. I can
files, folders, write to files and folders, use apps to create and
filess, most normal functions... EXCEPT...

Drag and drop in Explorer will not work, at all. I get an Error
File or Folder window popup. The message says Cannot copy 001: The
or directory is corrupted and unreadable. And it is not kidding.
I drop a folder full of files, I get the folder created, but the first

file it tries to create is zero length. It has the right name, but it
empty, and totally stuck. I have found that only Remote Manager can
remove the file. Linux cannot (Server console), Windows cannot (Client

attachment), only the Linux equivalent of Remote Manager can get rid
the file. It does not seem to matter how deep a directory structure I

make, drop something on it, and it is like dropping bricks on glass,
just breaks.

This seems to be the only function not working. Unfortunately, it is
I use quite often. Rights assignments seem to make no difference. I
assigned explicit rights at the folder where I drop things, no joy.

I have to figure this is supposed to work. I cannot see Novell
something with this HUGE a problem. I cannot be the only one who
drag and drop to cut and paste for moving files and folders.

FYI, the client PC is Windows XP SP2 (plus way to many security
patches), with the 4.91 client installed. Same results from the
2003 Server with 4.91 also. The tree is a simple one, one Netware 6.5

SP3, one Windows 2003 and one OES Linux. The Netware and Windows
servers are, perhaps, the only anomolie, in that they have eDir 8.8
code on them. The Linux box has from the OES install. The eDir

verision I can verify is NOT the problem, as I have had this same
problem with the Linux OES in it's own, single server tree.