I am having an issue with iFolder.

Here is my issue and question. I do an install of OES and all goes
well. I
can go to http://my-server-ip/nps and bring up iManager. I can even
up http://my-server-ip/ and see the Novell Welcome Page. All of this
just fine.

I then run Yast and select iFolder where it does it's install, prompts
all of the configuration info, etc., etc., etc. I select coexsistance
other web, I give it a new ip and follow the config. All goes well.

I then try to access my iFolder via
and nothing comes up.

I then check the service to see if it is running and it is not. I then

execute the command to start iFolder and it fails.

Here is what I find: In the iFolder Apache2 config file, I see it has

entries like %Servername% and some places it has %ServerIPAddress% and

Now if I change all of those entries to have the hardcoded info, say %

Servername% is now suesoes1.xxx.com and where it had %ServerIPAddress%
say, and then issue the command to start iFolder.
will then start.

I'm lost as to why?

My questions are:

1. Is there something I'm missing on the Install thru Yast?
2. Is there some kind of BUG on the install?
3. Is there any specific info on installing iFolder with OES?