Has anyone who has installed SP3 for NW6.5 had any problems
accessing their sys pool or any volumes associated with the sys pool (including the sys volume in this case?)

Server has two mirrored raid set on separate scsi channels.
nss /pools shows one available pool which corresponds to the larger of

the two raid sets.

Despite initiating the server boot from the C:\nwserver directory with

server.exe during any attempted bootup, the Sys pool and volume are
found. The Caldera Dos C:\ partition is on the same raid set as the
pool/volume, so I feel confident that the raid set is presenting to
OS, but for some reason the OS doesn't see it.

The error message I get after a failed boot is:

'Volume SYS could NOT be mounted. Some or all volume segments cannot
located. If this is an NSS volume, the pool may need to be activated

using the command nss /poolactivate=poolname.

Then the server proceeds with
Processing stage 2 loading of nlms

Question could this be a NICI CAUSED event or would NICI fail due to
SYS vol. not mounted?? Just before the server startup end I do get a

NICI error (NICI CCS failure to initialize...) Could this be cause or
it effect.

Any insights would be most appreciated.