It appears there are many differnt documents on the install of OES,
iManager and Passowrd Self Service. My question is this:

It appears that Password Self Service only works with iManager 2.02
and it
appears the OES installs 2.5?

I also found in a document that it stated to choose Netware when doing
OES Install.

My question is this, if I install OES and unselect iManger, I almost
to unselct any Novell options. Does anybody have info on what to
and how to install in order to get OES, iManger 2.02 and Password Self

Service to work?

My next question would be can you have both iManger 2.5 and iManger
loaded on the same OES Server?

I'm totaly lost, as I've read at least 10 different Novell Install
all of them saying one thing are another for OES, iManger and Passowrd

Self Service?