I have tried repeatedly on several servers to install OES. I have
tried to
install it at least 8 times. Every time it just locks up. Granted I
am not
using high end hardware. Compaq proliant 1600 450 MHZ with 1 gig of
ram and
I have also tried with Compaq proliant 1600 600 Mhz with 1 gig of ram.
furthest I have been able to get is where it ask me to enter the FDN
name and context. The lockups seem random to me. Either the mouse
keyboard just freeze or the screen goes black. I can power down and
restarts but eventually all I get is a black screen on bootup. All I
to do was to install this in a test environment but I can not even get

started. Do I just not have enough powerfull enough hardware to run