I just finished installing the OES eval on and although all went ok, I

have a few questions regarding the installation.
1) after entering the ip address and the default gateway I was not
able to ping. All my other systems on this subnet is able to ping
both internal devices, host and the internet, yet this server cannot.Is there something that must be turned on?
I've notice that there is a configuration file for interfaces
ifcfg-eth-id-00:e0:4c:bc:a3:a3, ifcfg-eth0, and ifcfg-eth1 in
2 have the same ip address and the other has what appears to be the ip

address of the iFolder setting.

2) IFolder
I'm using the Lab document to do the install, there was a section oninstalling iFolder and it wanted the hostname for the 2nd ip address.So I gave it a different name than that of the server was this correct

or should I have given it the same name as the server host name?

3) When I tried to go to fix LDAP the system stated that I had to
install the file fr OpenLDAP. Wasn't this installed initially or is
this a different application. If so how do I change the configuration

of LDAP?

lastly, when I rebooted the server I got an error stating the
Unable to look up the DNS name for Make sure that theLDAP server has a valid DNS name in your name server and that reverselookips are going through and then re-install ifolfer2.x by going into

YAST select Network Services and then the iFolder 2.x icon.

Is DNS supposed to be installed on the server or can I use my existing

DNS server?