I have installed oes and NSS. WhenIi go to iManager to look at the
devices, I get an error " Error: File Protocol error occurred: cannot
open the NSS version file on the selected server. The NSS software may
not currently be running on this server."

I know NSS is installed and running.

So I go to YAST to configure NSS. When yast gets to the part of
writing the Novell Storage Services settings, I get the error "NSS
IDbroker install failed creating eDirectory objects." In
/var/log/messages, the following message is seen,

"Apr 21 13:27:39 laba smbd[25731]: jcifs28_71_b3 (
couldn't find service _admin
Apr 21 13:33:41 laba idBrokerInstall: idBrokerInstall error -606
creating NSS admin object".

When I look up the 606 error, there are several tids referring to the
fact that space and _ are treated the same, so NSS is trying to create
an admin user, rather than _admin?

Can anyone help me fix the problem?

John Curran