We have started playing around with OES (Linux) in our test
- which is is a VMWare ESX 2.5 server with sufficient power to host
The OES server installs perfectly and so far all the Novell services

we have tested seem to function fine on the server except for NSS
volumes. NSS hangs after the install when Yast is running SuSEConfig

after the file copy etc. and needs a hard reboot of the VM. NSS works

fine on a standalone server without VMWare ESX.

Further investigation revealed that NSS is started by the
/etc/init.d/novell-nss script which calls another script
(/opt/novell/nss/sbin/startnss.bsh) and then starts to load a whole
of kernel modules. It gets to the point of loading "nsscomn.ko" and then the server freezes dead. You can't do anything to recover the
server besides reset it.

Has anyone managed to get this working using a similar setup?

OK - I know OES is very new and VMWare ESX may not support it and
likewise VMWare ESX may not be on the supported list of platforms that

Novell has tested on. We would really like to be able to get this
working in order to be able to test the product fully before thinking
rolling out into production.