I attempted an OES Linux install into an existing tree, MDSD_T, into
O=MDHS container. It failed with an error "cannot bind to LDAP
However, the server object appeared in eDirectory.

Knowing that I had everything correct, I attempted a manual
I set up SLP, multicast, etc. all right on the server, ran ndsconfig
<adminuser> to make sure the server was removed from the tree (it said
wasn't part of a tree, strangely enough), and then ran the following command (sensitive information abstracted inside <>'s):

ndsconfig add -t MDSD_T -n 'o=MDHS' -a 'cn=<adminuser>' -S

And got the following error message back:

A call to create NDS database failed. Error description: no such
Novell eDirectory Server configuration failed.
Please make certain that you have provided complete and correct
server,admin contexts .

So I figured I had configured something wrong, so I turned on a
on my master replica to see where it was failing on a -601. Strangely

enough, ndsconfig is able to log in with my adminuser, scans the
and generally finds the organization fine as judged by these messages:

RSLV: [2005/04/24 15:45:15] Resolving \MDSD_T\o=MDHS, flags 00004042.RSLV: [2005/04/24 15:45:15] Respond with local entry succeeded.

However, later on it fails on the following message:

AREQ: [2005/04/24 15:45:15] Calling DSAResolveName conn:127 for client

<admin user>
RSLV: [2005/04/24 15:45:15] Resolving \MDSD_T\o=MDHS\org\mdsd\mdhs,
RSLV: [2005/04/24 15:45:15] Responding with no such entry for
AREQ: [2005/04/24 15:45:15] DSAResolveName failed, no such entry

Why did it insert this extra \org\mdsd\mdhs stuff? I'm assuming it's trying to use it's reverse lookup domain name (the FQDN server name is

<server> Is there a configuration file I'm missing
somewhere to disable this behavior? I grepped all my /etc and /var
for this phrase, with no luck. Is this attribute stored in edirectory

somewhere? I've never entered any information like this anywhere,
leads me to believe it's some weird bug in ndsconfig.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,

Justin Grote
Network Architect
JWG Networks