Working with the OES Eval software in isolated lab for testing.

Working on some initial testing plans for our organization. Would
like to
run by you some scenarios I am looking at to see of they are feasible.

Test1: (simple - to have a first look)
OES1 server, XP Workstation, (gasp - MS DNS server)

Test2: - Testing eDirectory capabilities - replicas/time sync, etc
FS1 - has a Master copy of our main eDir Tree (8.6.2)
OES1 server, XP WS, MS DNS

FS1 - with edir 8.6.2 - Master
CS1, CS2 - NW6 sp4 (Clustered DAS). XP WS, MS DNS.
Want to upgrade CS1 or CS2 to OES-NW. This is a two node DAS setup.

Same as Test3, but take one to OES Linux - Clustered.

Thoughts, Suggestions? Anyway to update this system since it is
and offline?

Thanks in Advance!