I have tried this twice now just to make sure it wasn't me. After
completing a standard install of OES/Linux i run rug and download and
install all avalible patches and the server will no longer boot. Both
times during boot it can no longer find the root partition on /dev/sda.
What is going on? I am running a AMD dual MP2000+ with an adaptec 29160
and 3 IBM 18G SCSI drives. The first time it stated that it cannot find
/dev/sda the second time it reads: Parity error detected in Data-in phase
CRC value mismatch
scsi error <0 0 1 0> return code=0x8000002

I am using the acc7xxx.ko driver. The server will re-boot without any
problems before applying the patches. It is definatly something in the

Please Help,