Hi there... Thanks to all the folks who monitor this forum and take the
time to help out.

My problem - when doing a default “click next” install of the OES media
sent as part of the Novell Software Evaluation & Development Library, I
have one main problem - I cannot log into the GUI! It tells me login
failed from the gui, but if I do a ctrl-alt-F1 and log into the console it
lets me right in with the same user/pass. Any idea why?

Also, a few suggestions for the next burn - the setup of this software is
pretty confusing to me. And I have done it before. If anyone could
comment (especially on #2) I'd greatly appreciate it. For example:

1. When you install, it asks you for CD2 of enterprise Linux, even
though it says that Linux is “also included” in the printed SEL
documentation. Makes it seem like there are problems with the media. It
is *not* clear that you need to have both install media sets. Finally, I
dug out the white SLES9 install CD's and popped them in to make it happy,
but I never expected I would have to use them.

2. When you install, it prompts you to run YOU to update. However,
sdb.suse.de is no longer functioning, so you cant use your SLES 9
maintenance code? Why does it even bother to ask you? For that matter,
you aren’t supposed to use YOU, you are supposed to use RUG, so why even
give you the screen? The whole update process is pretty confusing with
all the portals and logins and so on.

Thanks a lot!

Mark Lachniet