Dear all,

The other day I encountered a problem that worried me a little and I was
wondering wheither other people are experiencing this also.

I was migrating our intranet set which was running on a netware box
running apache to an OES installation (linux). The apache daemon under
netware wasn't very picky about lower or uppercase filenames. The one
under the linux kernel is. So I started correcting all the links (nice

I also tried to change a file to the correct upper/lower case by doing a
rename from a windows box running the 4.91 client including the latest
nwfs.sys patch. It seems however if you do this rename, you get an
error message saying this file already exists and at the same time the
ndsd service crashes and your entire server is unreachable. Did I
already mention the files in question are on an NSS volume? I haven't
found any error messages in the logs (maybe I don't know where to look).

Starting ndsd again fixes the problem.

Is anybody also seeing this? Is there a fix available?

Kind regard,