on my test server, I had NSS finally running, slow, but it was working.
I updated bunch of stuff (compiler, etc) and that pretty much
fragged the box. So, I re-installed everything. My NSS
EVMS stuff was still thier on my secondary hard drive. I updated edirectory
for the Pool and volumes, so they appear in eDirectory now.
But, when I try to access them via a user account login script, I get 8804,
I checked, and made sure that the volume objects are present, they are.
I then tried to access it via NetStorage, that worked on the
admin account, but the user accounts error out. Even doing a \\IP\VOLNAME,
doesn't work. How do I let eDirectory, etc know that these
are valid, and to let the end users map to them.

Thank You,
Cade Carvell