I am attempting to install an OES Public Beta that I received from my
sales rep (the sleeve states "Evaluation Software", the DVD states
"Public Beta ISO Images"). The hardware is a Dell PowerEdge 2650.

I've made it most of the way through the installation process. Other
than configuring the network cards, the only customization I performed
was adding Novell NSS. Specifically, I did /not/ configure OpenLDAP
(since I suspect someone will suggest looking for that based on my
searches for a solution).

During the eDirectory Configuration stage of the install, the machine
times out while in the "Configure and start eDirectory using
'ndsconfig'" state and a pop up informs me that "We were unable to bind
to eDirectory through LDAP".

If I click OK on that dialog the installation proceeds, but many of the
schema extensions fail (specifically: Health Monitoring, namconfig,
eGuide, iPrint, NCP Server, SMS).

I'm going to try downloading the eval images from Novell's site (the
beta ISOs I have are date 1/12/2005). Other than that, does anyone have
any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

Chris Hobbs Silver Valley Unified School District
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