I am attempting to setup an OES server as a web application server using
JBOSS. I have successfully installed Jboss, Tomcat 5.0, Apache2 and the
mod_jk connector on a Red Hat box with no problems. However, on the OES
server apache and tomcat are already installed because of the web-based
admin tools such as iManager that use them.
I used the already installed apache2 server and used yast to install Jboss.
I deploy my app and all works well, for both static pages through apache
(http://localhost) and JBOSS apps (http://localhost:8080/application). My
problem is that I want apache to service all requests, passing those
associated with port 8080 (tomcat/jboss) to the Jboss server for
processing. Ultimately I will be able to access my webapps by using
http://localhost/application. In the past I have used the mod_jk connector
to handle this, but it does not seem to be working for my application on
the OES server. Part of the problem is that apache/tomcat and jboss's
configuration files are all over the place with the default installs of
OES, and are already configure for use by the admin-tools.
I have also noticed that OES is using Tomcat 4 instead of 5.x. Can tomcat
be upgraded to Tomcat 5 without breaking the Novell admin-tools.
Is there a how-to or document for guidance on doing this? Any help is

Burt Carter