Hi folks,

I'm contemplating a deployment of GroupWise (probably GW7, when it
comes out) on an OES cluster using an iSCSI disk array. I'd like to
replicate the data to another disk array from the host side
(replicating disk arrays are a little out of my price range).

Anyone out there doing this, and if so, with what products? At the
moment, it seems likely i'll be using EMC AX 100 disk arrays, Dell
SC1425 servers, HP ProCurve gigabit switches.

On the software side, i would probably use OES clustering, although
i'm not averse to heartbeat & DRBD (i already have a SLES9 firewall
cluster running that). Would this work? Can i run GroupWise on a
non-NSS filesystem? Or is NSS on DRBD practical?

Paul Gear, Manager IT Operations, Redlands College
38 Anson Road, Wellington Point 4160, Australia
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