hi all,

i used to work with netware 2.x, 3.x, 4.x and 5.x, but didn't work with
novell products for the last 2-3 years. finally with the oes i wanted to
give it another try and i like what i see by now ...

however, i am in trouble ...

the server is up and running, imanager, virtual office, quickfind
everything looks ok. i can login using a edirectory user and even the web
authentication via ldap works fine.

i want to use postfix and cyrus, but when i click on the mail
configuration, it tells me that the ldap client needs to be configured
first. thats what i try to do now.

when its writing the ldap configuration, it comes back with an error
message saying "there was a problem with writing data to the ldap server -
undefined attribute type".

my settings are:

use ldap
ldap base dn: o=linke
address of ldap servers: (ip-address)
ldap tls/ssl
start automounter (what for is that needed?)
file server - yes
enable ldap users to login - yes
group member attribute - member
access to ldap server:
configuration base: o=linke
administrator dn: cn=admin,o=linke
create default config objects - yes

when i click on configure user management settings i can login and enter
data, so the password is ok.

how can i find out whats wrong here?
which logs can i check?
whats wrong with the schema and how to repair it (if thats the cause)?

thanks for your help!!!