I'm trying to get OES Linux to install onto an IBM x330 server, booting
off a Xiotech Magnitude. The install gets as far as the first reboot,
i.e. after the packages have been copied but before the root password
is set.

To be specific, it hangs here:

Creating /var/log/boot.msg done
System Boot Control: The system has been set up
Starting syslog services done
enabling Hotplug done
coldplug scanning input: *** done
scanning pci: *W***.*.* done
scanning usb:
........................ done

The there's just a blinking cursor and the system is hung with no
keyboard (in a text mode install). It's right when X/KDE should start
up in a regular install. I've tried disabling apci, text mode installs,
looked at TID SuSE929, but nothing seems to get me past this point. The
server's graphics chipset is an onboard S3. Anybody have some advice?
Thanks in advance.