Greetings All,

I have had a read of the recent post "EVMS not handling boot partition"
and think my problems may be similar but dont seem identical so I will
post it seperatly.

I have followed the instructions in the OES "installation Guide for
Linux" and am having trouble with step 13 on the EVMS configuration. When
I launched YaST and selected System > Run Level, the screen loaded the
simple editor but the hour glass remains and no further changes can be

Subsequently I could not change the settings for boot.1vm and

Upon rebooting, ( aftering sucessfully configuring several nss pools and
volumes) the server fails to load correctly. It reports "fsck failed" and
suggested that I can use the "mount -n -o remount, rw /" to remount the
volume as prompted by the console messages.

I can do this and modify files in /etc/

Is there a way to manually modify these run levels, in init.d perhaps?

Any other thoughts or suggestion appriciated.

Regards, Andrew