I'm trying to install OES-Linux on a server and getting an error.
Booting from the OES1 cd works, the SuSE splash screen is displayed and
the menu with the boot/install option is displayed.
If I select any of the install options then I receive an error:
isolinux: Disk Error 01, Ax = 4200, drive EF

I tried doing BIOS updates etc (but there were not many updates that
were required) without success.

I have also tried using the floppy bootdisk images, but get a "Disk
Error" message at the same place - when selecting to install.

I don't believe that it's a fault with the CD (or the floppy) as other
OS's install OK.

Server is based on a Intel SE7500WV2 board with an Adaptec 2110S raid
controller and a IDE CDROM.

Any help gratefully received!