Novell OES Linux
NSS vols on separate disk
Groupwise 6.5

Installed GW admin and agents.
However, we started installing GWIA but could not get past LDAP point.
In past we went into C1 and turned off "Require TLS..." in the LDAP
Server object. That didn't work this time.

So we rebooted...

Now, namcd will not run. The /var/log/messages entries indicate it
comes up and populates users but an rcnamcd status shows it not running.

This is an exremely important module since nothing runs without it--not
even iManager, which needs Apache, which won't load because user
"wwwrun" is not found, because (we assume) namcd is not running.

We have now tried playing with namconfig, we have uninstalled NOVLum and
the LUM management plugins (using YAST) and reinstalled. Still having
the same problem.

We have already sold this server and need to have this working quick.

Can anyone help?!