We want to have a central server for performing OES-Linux installs. We
used the script to setup the distribution files and made this available
over NFS. We have tested this (pressing F3 and choosing NFS) and know
that it works.

Now we want to register this server in SLP, so that one can press F3 and
choose the SLP option and get a list of available install servers.
However, at the grub selection screen, we hit F3, choose SLP, and it
doesn't work and falls back to manual install mode.

We also happened to find out that the YaST module which is supposed to
help you set all this up fails. It will ask for the first three CDs,
then ask for "Open Enterprise Server CD1" again and won't accept any of
the CDs you offer. The YaST module does work for regular SUSE 9, without

However, we used the script from Novell's website on a test server and
then fiddled with the YaST module until is registred something in SLP so
that we could see what SLP attributes it registered. I took that
information and attempted to modify it and manually register the service
in SLP with this command...

slptool register service:install.suse:nfs://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/data/
oes "(baseproduct=SUSE CORE),(baseversion=9),(defaultbase=i386),
(description=Open Enterprise Server Version Linux ++Novell-Open-
Enterprise-Server-i386++),(label=Open Enterprise Server Version
Linux),(machine=i386,i486,i586,i686),(vendor=SUSE LINUX AG),

Still, we cannot get this to work. What are we missing? The installer
either doesn't get an SLP response or doesn't get the response it
wants... either way, we cannot tell from the logging that appears on the
other virtual terminals during the install. It simply says SLP failed.

Is there a way to get more debug information from the installer?

The next step seems to be network packet sniffing to see why this isn't

All help appreciated.