I am attempting to deploy a large amount of Linux servers. Some of these servers must be OES for the NetWare packages (iFolder etc..), but some of these would be fine as SLES 9. When I asked my Novell Account contact how I can install SLES since I don't see it on my product entitlements they informed me I should simply use the OES media and not install the OES portions. This would be functionally the same as SLES.

However, I am nervous that if I do this my functionality with ZENworks Linux Management, Online Update, and the like would be impaired. What would the best approach be? Acquire the actual SLES media for this deployment, or use the OES media minus the OES services.

I also have a second question. I have been attempting to build an installation server for OES (nice to avoid lugging these CDs around). It works fine for the first 3 of 8 OES CDs, but once it has stored those YaST requests the OES CD 1 again and not the SLES CD 2. Inserting any CD in my set from that point on fails to work. How can I create an OES installation Server?

Thanks for any insight anyone has.