Everyone here

Thank you for responding to my previous questions. I just tried to
implement one item and ran into a glitch where I would appreciate an answer.

I have a modern system that I built myself. The motherboard carries 4 SATA
ports and I have 40GB SATA drives plugged into ports 1 and 2 which OES1
sees with no problem. I also have an Adaptec SATA RAID controller which
OES1 sees as a "large drive".

I want to setup a RAID1 between the two SATA drives plugged in on the
motherboard. I can go in and create Oxfd type partitions (which list as
Linux RAID) on the 40GB SATA drives but I then can't do anything else with
them. If I go in and partition one of the SATA drives I then can't put the
0xfd partition type on the drive (which makes sense). How do I setup a
RAID1 between the two drives?

2nd quick question: I plan to use the RAID for NSS partitions for the
Novell Netware data. I went into detailed selection to add a few
additional things I want (such as analysis tools). Do I put NSS (from
detailed selection) onto the system now or do I wait until the 1st
installation finishes and I go in to setup the Netware pools ect.

Thank you