I appreciate the previous suggestions I have received; I have a specific
glitch: SSL Certificates DNS and IP See below:

Recap - Tried to build server w/2 SATA drives for RAID 1 but couldn't do
software RAID in OES1. Backed out, setup RAID 1 using BIOS in server, did
OES1 install; machine would not boot. Removed Adaptec RAID 5 SATA
controller, problem remained. Went into BIOS, deleted RAID 1 - pulled one
drive - Machine booted from single SATA drive. Put RAID 5 board back in,
machine still booted. Yea! <g>

System was at midpoint of install; went through basic configuration stuff,
put server in existing tree (only other server in tree is NetWare 6.5 SP3
running SLP ect) New server joined tree but having LDAP communication
problem. Checked for SSL Certificates DNS and IP for new server and they
aren't there!

Tree is very simple, single server, single O, single OU. Need to finish
job of setting up new server before old one fails. Could someone please
tell me how to create these certificates? Console1 1.3.6 won't do it.

Thank you