I've already installed two OES SP2 - Linux boxes into our tree.
As I gain more experience with this I have more questions.
Here are my install questions, these servers will just hold replicas and
act as our authentication servers.

1. Regarding the file system. Should I choose reiserfs or ext3.
I read a thread somewhere in this forum that NOvell is going toward
Can you confirm? I've chosen reiserfs on the other two servers since
this was the default.

2. Certificates. If installing into an existing tree which option on
certificates should I choose. Create???
Reason I ask is it seems that certificates use as the domain
name, so I feel that I am doing something wrong. When I look in
Console one at the certificates they verify OKAY.
I can run ndsconfig and certificates recreate okay.

New at this Linux stuff and just looking for advice on direction I should take.