Dear Netware experts.

I'm having the following problem with a new install of OES on Linux.

Clients running on this server with Windows XP and Zendworks 7 will
randomly hang with the following popupbox :

Server is busy (it's in dutch btw reads Server is bezet) and a few buttons
to press if i remember right (switch to / retry / cancel).

The more workstations we add to the server the more frequent the problem
gets. I was getting this message allot when imaging a couple of
workstations at the same time.

Yesterday everyone except 1 or 2 % of the users got this hang on the
workstation and when i looked at server load the server had only about
80mb out of 4gig memory left. I decided to reboot the server to clear up
memory, so this memory state might be part of the problem i'm not really

I cant find any error message in the logs on the workstation and cant
really see any clue's in the servers log (allthough i might be missing
some logs not sure)

Is there anyone that can give me some clues on where to look / try or
maybe has a solution for this problem ?

p.s. i know this error also occurs as part of a virus / spyware infection,
and i think that's not the case here.

With regards