I have a server running Netware 6.5 that I need to change over to Linux and
was wondering if anyone had a simple suggestion for how to go about it.
I've looked at the migration wizard but unfortunately, that would require me
to migrate everything to a temp server and then back to the original
hardware, which is something I would hope to avoid. Any help on an easier
method would be very appricated. Thanks.

And as for my reasoning on the switch, I need to setup a PDC to handle
desktop logins and some NTLM functions like a squid cache. I have a NW65
server running mostly Virtual Office, iManger, and a few other things that
would be perfect so I'm planning to convert it and run Samba. And as for
Netware PDC, they don't seem to work with NTLM, winbind in particular.

Thanks again for the help.

Galen Yalch
IT Manager
Northwest Research Group, Inc.