I'm trying to install OES SP2 from the network (FTP), following the
instructions at:

I've got it mostly working, but it is for some reason failing when it gets
to installing bzip2. The installer says a dependency, libncurses, con't be
found. When I go into the software customization list, there are a LOT of
packages that can't be found, making the installation essentially doomed.
For instance, it can't find "aaa_skel", which is required by "aaa_base".

I have checked, and the files from all CDROMs are available in their
entirety via FTP over the network. aaa_skel is there, for instance, right
where it is supposed to be. Note the second graphic in the above link
showing the list of available packages. 'aaa_skel' is listed second, but
doesn't appear during the network install at all.

So why doesn't the installer see it, and so many other required packages?