We use Novell Netware 6.0 for all our file, print, email (groupwise), dns,
dhcp, desktop management (zenworks), edirectory, and desktop antivirus
(symantec 10). We also use Novell Client 4.91 SP2 on our workstations for
Login Scripts/drive letters. We have about 30 servers with a lot of data on
NSS volumes. Netware is dead and am looking at migrating to Windows or OES.
I personally love the Netware services so I would like to stay with Novell.
We want to go to OES for Linux to gain future support.

I am bringing down the free course but I was wondering if people who have
gone through a migration could give me feedback. Does BackupExec/Symantec
support data on NSS on OES for Linux because the Novell site doesn't have a
checkmark beside that option? What kind of migration utilities are there to
move to OES for Linux from Netware? Does the Novell Client work well with
OES for Linux. I would also like to know when OES 2 is coming out. If it is
soon I would rather wait for that to migrate then upgrade to OES SP2. There
is supposed to be better support and more matured services in OES 2 from
what I heard.

Any and all comments would be very much appreciated.