Hello all,
I have created a new tree on a server A, and after that I have moved
the master of the whole eDir to a server B.

Now I have two SLP DA addresses, for the server A and for the server B.

Now I'm installing a server in a particular location. This server is
able to see only the server B and for this reason I have added as SLP
directory agent ONLY the Server B reference.
I have also removed from the slp.conf of server B any reference to the
Server A slp DA.

By the way, the server C, when it tries to bind with the server B

The folder for the server object of server C is filled correctly,
If I do a ndsrepair -T I see also the replica of the new added server
but at the end I have NO way to have finish the binding.

I have had the same problem some time ago when in a test environment I
have created a server A, a server B, moved the master to the server B
and after removed the server A from the tree.
>From that moment I was NOT able anymore to add new servers to the tree.

It seems the original server on which I have created the tree the first
time, maintains something is not enough if I change the master server.

Have you any idea of this problem?