Hi ,

I have a tree with 8 servers all of them run nw6.5 SP5 but one which is
the Master and runs nw6.5 SP2.
I am trying to bring the Master to SP5 but I am having some abends
issues when I upgrade it. So for now I rolled back SP2 and we have
opened a case with novell for that problem it seem it will take some

We want to install Zenwork in our tree and want to use our first OES

I had understood that the requirement for that would be to have at
least SP3 on all servers within the replica.
I more recently read that it just requires edirectory 8.7.3, and our
server with nw6.5SP2 runs edirectory SMP so it should be OK...

If possible I would like to add Linux OES ASAP to my tree so my
question is : Can I add it now without the upgrade to SP5?
If yes, Can I add it directly from the Linux OES SP2 install or should
I run a deployment manager from OES CD first?

Thanks in advance,