Hello everyone,

I'm not sure if this is the correct place for this question, but I was
hoping I would call on some of the groupwise experts here.

What I am trying to do is to do a migration of 2 netware PO's and POA's
over to a linux cluster.

I've already created one cluster on OES linux that i'm using for
iManager and and NSS volume.

The second cluster I'm building is going to be only for the GW PO

So a couple of questions.... (keeping in mind i know very little about
groupwise, but quite a bit about linux)

1. Can i have the PO and the POA's running on my cluster and leave the
domain and gwia on netware boxes?

2. Has anyone used the groupwise migration utillity to move a po and
poa over from netware to OES linux?

3. From my readings of the OES clusering book, it seems like I would
want to do the following.
- Install GW on both servers in my cluster,
- setup shared storage for the gw PO's
- create a "test" po and agent, make them cluster aware
- once that is working move the PO over using the migration util,
and reconfigure my load/unload scripts appropriately

Any help or thoughts from anyone else who's done this kind of move
would be great. I've seen a bunch of docs on netware to linux moves,
cluster netware to cluster linux moves, but can't seem to find
anything about moving a single netware to a linux cluster.

Thanks all!