I have a tree with several NW 6 servers, and two NW 6.5 servers. All
of the servers are running eDir

Eventually we want to migrate our NW servers to OES Linux. However, in
the mean time I was hoping to setup a SuSE box to perform LDAP
authentication for our VPN users (using RADIUS). I've found several
guides explaining how to do this with either OES Linux or SuSE 9/10.

Currently I don't have any requirement to have NSS volumes, just need
to get the LDAP/RADIUS authentication piece figured out.

My preference would be to go with something bases on at least SuSE 10,
rather than installing SLES9 or OES Linux and upgrading later this
year. My understanding is that OES 2 will be based on suse 10.x when
it eventually comes out this summer. I initially went down the OES
Linux path, installed a test server and got it talking to a test NW 6
server. However, I then wondered why I couldn't just go with a newer
OS (SLES10). I then saw that edirectory is supported on SLES 9 and 10.

However, I'm not sure if it would be wise to use an SLES 10 server with
edirectory, when eventually all of the servers will go from NW6 to OES.
I'm hoping someone can provide a recommendation on whether it would be
best to go with Suse 9/10 (with edirectory added after the install) or
OES Linux 1. Will it be a challenge to install an SLES10 server,
install edirectory on top, and maintain the server? Thanks for any