Are there any known issues with adding an eDirectory 8.8.1_ftf1 on SLES
10 server to an existing eDir tree running on OES Linux?

Here are the details:

I have two OES Linux servers in the current tree with the following
version of eDirectory, and we are also using Identity Manager 3.0.1.

Binary Version: 10553.36
Product Version: eDirectory for Linux v8.7.3.8 [DS]

My plan is to add a third server running SLES 10 and eDir 8.8.1_ftf1,
but I am wondering if adding an 8.8.1 server to the mix will cause any
problems with the two existing OES boxes. Ultimately, I will remove the
two older servers and reinstall those with SLES 10 and eDir 8.8.1.

I know that I will need to migrate the tree's SDI key to the new 8.8.1
box, but is there anything different with a mixed 8.7/8.8 tree than
doing this in an all 8.7.3 tree?

Anything else to watch out for?