I built a new OES1 server, had a couple of problems but SLES9 is running
and the server is in the tree when the NetWare part is running. That is my
problem - since this was done partially manually, what is the command to
load the NetWare part and what file do I put it in to make it automatic??

I have worked with NetWare since 1984 and I am happy to learn Linux but its
coming slowly.

I have two SLED10 and two WinXP workstations "talking" to my native NetWare
6.5 server As soon as I finish it I plan to move everything over the the
Linux OES1 box and turn off the native box. I need to set NSS up on a
RAID5 drive set which runs from a RAID controller that SLES9 recognizes
automatically (didn't need to load any support drivers). Could someone
point me at a set of docs that will tell me how to do this?

Thank you in advance