I'm probably being thick but..

We upgraded to OES from 100 user Netware 5.1. We were told that this
entitled us to 6 SLES9 servers (1 for 1st 50 and one each for next 5x10 user
licences) and as many Netware 6.5 servers as we want.

How many OES Linux servers can I build? Is this the same 6 as the SLES9

If I build a SLES9 server from the OES Linux SP2 CD images and select
Default Install then is this treated as a SLES9 server or a OES Linux SP2
Server. And more importantly how do I register to get updates (via You I

I built a OES Sever and have been running it updating via Red Carpet for
over a year. However, having build another server I don't know where to
find the licence code to register for updates to it.

Apologies if this is not the correct forum.