We are preparing for a migration from OES Netware to OES Linux. We have
2 NW 6.5 SP6 servers in a cluster with a FC SAN that holds all volumes
but Sys. I prefer to wait until we get new servers and SAN hardware, but
we haven't fixed a timetable yet and we may need to migrate first. If
that happens, the plan right now is to make sure we have everything
running on one server (full backup first, of course), take the other
server out of the cluster and remove edir from it, then install OES
Linux with EVMS on that server plus SAN software and drivers, needed
Novell services, etc and join the tree and cluster and LUM enable all
users. At that point we have a mixed environment, but I've been running
like that on test servers, so no problem there.

Do I need to do anything else at that point for the Linux box to
recognize the data on the SAN, or will the cluster take care of that?
The next step after making sure the Linux server is working correctly
would be take the NW server out and install Linux just like we did the
first server. In theory, it seems ridiculously simple, so naturally I
assume I am missing something. :-)