Hi Forum,

i am in the middle of activating my 4 OES Linux SP2 Servers
running IDM 3,Oracle 10g,Novell Audit and freeradius on them.

Actualy i am new to Linux thingy and last time when i activated my OES
Server using rug. by mistake i downloaded the whole OES channel and
installed it.duh it was a 1.76 gig data but anywayz the next morning when
i turned up it was showing me grub2 loading and thats it.i had to
reinstall ..!!

Could anyone of you point on after activation what needs to be done for
the systems to be updated.or let me put it this way Do i really need to
update them(although everything is working fine)
my manager is after me to go for the updates bla bla..ahh i hate him..

P.S=i have been reading all the documentation about patching and updating
through that channel.....Thanks for any pointer