Hello everyone I have some issues related against my OES Linux server,
and from what I have read I'm certainly not alone. I have tested the
install procedure of a non patched OES server, and one that I have patched
and the one that I have patch I seem to be having more issues with.

1.) When trying to install LUM, before NSS, I receive the following errors,
"Failed to modify nsswitch.conf add nam keyword on passwd: add group: lines
manually". followed by an [ok] prompt. This seems to be a presage to more
issues. Can anyone tell me what needs to be changed and or fixed to make
this error go away, and how does this affect things going forward?

2. When I install NSS, I know that there are some issues with the novlwww,
wwwrun users and groups. How does this get affected by the updates?

Also after the updates it seems that things get moved from the /opt/novell
directories into the /var/opt/novell has anyone else seen this as well? At
this point the server currently that we are working with is not really
doing to much in the tree so a re-install is not truly out of the question
but if we do decide to go this method, what other objects need to be
deleted from the NDS tree, besides the server objects, to ensure that when
we attempt this again nothing is left over? Thank you very much