I have been trying to install OES SP2, with the Open Enterprise Server
selection, and adding iFolder 3 and MySQL (since I need to provide file
sharing and a database). I have experienced the same problems as many
other folk in trying to add the new server to my existing tree (only one
OES NetWare server currently there), and after the install mysql doesn't
seem to be all there.

What I really, really wanted was a Virtual Office server with MySQL, but
after the install of the Virtual Office package, that doesn't seem to be
working either. This all worked nicely a while ago when I installed the
original OES and/or SP1 on a test machine, but I don't have a copy of
that anymore (downloading as I type).

Since the database project is more important, I'm willing to give up the
Virtual Office, and probably iFolder as well. I used to use MySQL/PHP on
Debian, and it seemed to be easier (I had actual databases and web
services running at least) so I'm wondering if I should

a) just scrap the OES and go with a plain SUSE install and add on MySQL.
b) try again with OES SP1 (including VO) + MySQL
c) try again with OES SP2 (without VO0 + MySQL

I am worried about the future of VO though. I thought it was one of the
coolest things on NetWare, but I need the functionality of iFolder3 to
try to replace Windows VPN access in a meaningful way. NetStorage is
excellent, but downloading and uploading files rather than opening and
saving them is just too much for most of my users.

Any advice gratefully accepted,