I've looked through this forum and didn't see anything that seemed to pertain to my issue, but hopefully someone out there has seen this.

I have an activation code for my OES servers. THis is the first one I am really working on so that I can evaluate how well they may or may not work in our enviromnet.

Every time I try to activate OES server I get the following message:

Warning: System could not be activated. Activation not found.

The system is connected to the Internet. I have the product registration code from Novell and the code is the 14 digit alpha/numeric number.
OES is up, operational and appears to be functioning fine. I realize the code is more for updates than any other purpose.

I have issued the command rug service-list and see the correct server listed. There is only one service in the list. I issued the command

rug act -s 1 ACTIVATECODE

Then I get the message I listed earlier.

Anyone know what I am missing?