So I installed my cluster nodes with the standard LVM... thinking that
I'd just be able to install cluster services and it'd create the SBD
partitions on the (physically separate) shared storage volumes using


Then when you try to create POOLS via iManager you will get: Error:
CIMOM error occurred: cannot write to the given file.

and when you try and use NSSMU you will get a User Permission Error...

If I blow away the SBD partitions I'd have to blow away the cluster
objects in the tree and who knows what-else... so I could reconfigure
NCS... and that doesn't seem like a very clean way to do it... there
has to be an easier way.

Is the CIMOM error related to permissions? I see information about it
around the web, but no clean answer (and many references to non-
existent TIDs that apparently clearly explain how to setup things up.)

So how exactly do you go about setting up a server that is going to
use EVMS for shared storage, but doesn't need EVMS for the entire

How can I touch the unassigned devices using a EVMS manager without
creating garbage partitions that I'll need to work around? I can't
just created the shared storage partitions can I? I need to let
iManager or NSSMU do that first...

I've followed this documentation ... is there something it's
forgetting to tell me?
I'd like to keep the server bootable in-case Novell releases a buggy
EVMS patch.